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HEL Performance Brake Lines, Oil Cooler Kits, Adapters, Hose And Fittings

HEL Brake Lines

HEL Performance have one of the largest ranges of performance hose and fittings available within the industry today. Many of the other major performance plumbing suppliers use us as a one stop solution to any unusual requirements they have been sent - They know that with our vast knowledge and unrivalled product range we will be able to supply, manufacture or source the correct fitting to meet any specification. Whether it is an off the shelf item or a complete one off installation, HEL Performance have the staff, knowledge and historical background to supply you with the best solution to your performance hose needs.

If you require a single motorcycle brake hose or a thousand motorcycle hose assemblies you can be sure that HEL Performance can supply you with the product, quality and price you require.

Coloured PVC Covers : 18 colors now available

HEL Brake Line Colours

HEL Performance Brake Line Kit Layouts

HEL Layout Picture
   Single     Full_Length    Over the        OEM        OEM Plus    Anti-Dive
    Front         (Race)      mudguard   Twin Disc    Link Hose

     Hel Brake Line  Hel Brake Line  Hel Brake Line  Hel Brake Line  Hel Brake Line

HEL Performance Clutch Lines

HEL Clutch Line Photo

The Same engineering, safety and choice of colour combinations are available to replace any Hydraulic clutch line.

HEL Performance Oil Cooler Kits

HEL Oil Cooler Photo

Engine oil works best between 70 and 80 degrees centigrade although it's generally safe up to 100 degrees centigrade. Oil stops doing it's job when it gets too hot. So you can now see the importance of fitting an oil cooler to your bike to improve cooling efficiency and improve power. Take a look at any racing bike - the oem cooler has been removed and replaced with a larger more efficient oil cooler to maximise power...

HEL Performance Oil Cooler Kits

Our Performance Oil Cooler Kits consist of:

The hoses are manufactured from Aeroquip high performance stainless steel braided hose with either Aeroquip aluminium reusable fittings or HEL stainless steel permanently attached fittings.