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Product Symbols

nAno TeCH ADDiTiVe sYsTeM
Nano Tech Symbol

Putoline Oil NANO TECH Motorcycle Oils, road and off road, are based on the latest revolutionary technology: nanotechnology. Putoline oil has taken the next step in lubrication technology by introducing this new product line. nano Tech motor oils offer guarantee full compatibility with modern clutch friction materials and provide unparalleled clutch engagement. It also guarantees outstanding wear protection for the engine and transmission, even under demanding race conditions.

esTer TeCH ADDiTiVe sYsTeM
Ester Tech Symbol

Putoline oil ester Tech motorcycle oils are developed especially for modern high-performance motorcycles, road and off road. The ester Tech Technology, developed and tested successfully in close cooperation with renowned racing teams, ensures a tremendously strong oil film, improved transmission and motor protection, exceptionally good “stay in grade” features and extremely low oil consumption. Because of the constant temperature features and the improved additives package, wear and tear is prevented more efficiently, even during critical cold starts.

TeCHnoMoTo ADDiTiVe sYsTeM
Technomoto Symbol

Technomoto Additive system is the first 4-stroke motor oil technology introduced by Putoline oil. Motorcycle engines faced a lot of problems being lubricated by “normal” automotive motor oils, like “clutch slip”, cam lobe pitting” and excessive “gear train wear”. The pure bike Technomoto Additive Technology was and still is thé solution for these problems.l

THe PreMiere seLeCTion
Premiere Selection Logo

The Putoline oil Premiere logo defines the product as the very best in its range. it signifies Putoline oil’s outstanding attention to detail in product development, production techniques and consumer focus. These are the highest quality products in the range.

THe BioDeGrADABLe seLeCTion
Biodegradable Symbol

The Biodegradable selection logo defines those products that are biodegradable and therefore have the ability to break down safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment.

sTrAWBerrY sCenTeD
Strawberry Scented Symbol

Has the world gone completely mad? strawberry scented 2-stroke oil? This logo stands for unparalleled engine protection by utilising special synthetic additives distinguished by its totally unique strawberry fragrance. Heads will turn when you pass on the street; all of a sudden there is a breath of fresh air.

MRH Additive Sumbol

in addition to Technomoto, Putoline oil introduced the 2-stroke MrH Additive system. The main purpose of this Additive system is more power, cleaner more efficient burning and exceptional engine protection. MrH Additive system also guarantees high rev and temperature stability, exceptional film and shear strength, reduction in fuel consumption, no deposit build up on piston rings, power valve and exhaust system, excellent throttle response (even in wet conditions), long term optimised engine reliability and improved starting quality. MrH is race proven in lubricant technology. We borrowed the initials MrH in memory and out of respect for Mark richard Hood, Managing Director of Putoline Distribution Ltd. (UK) and Director of Putoline oil B.V. (Holland). Mark died 28 April 2001 enjoying one of the things he loved most: riding bikes. Mark, you will always be in our minds!