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Putoline Oils

Putoline Oil has developed into a worldwide, leading brand in the industry of motorbike lubricants and maintenance products. Its success is based on high quality in combination with a very comprehensive, attractive product line. In addition, the brand is marketed by an enthusiastic, competent team of people who have made service and accessibility their priorities.

Pulling a tin of oil just like that from the shelve and expecting that by chance, the oil is suitable for your application is no longer altogether true. Technically too many things have changed, e.g. engines become more powerful and fuel consumption and emission levels have to be minimised. This has a large impact on the lubricants industry, since new technological developments often ask for new specially developed lubricants. Lubricants have become “construction parts”.

Using the right lubricant is more important than ever!
4 Stroke oil Link

Road 4 Stroke Oils

100% Synthetic and Semi Synthetic 4 Stroke Oils

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2 Stroke Oil Link

Road 2 Stroke Oils

All the 2 Stroke Oils you will need. 

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Gear Oil Link

Road Gear Oils

Premium range of Gear Oils for Road Bikes & Scooters. 

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Suspension Fluids Link

Suspension Fluids

A range of front fork suspension fluid. 

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Scooter Oil Link

Scooter Oils

2 & 4 Stroke Oils Specially designed for Scooters 

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Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives

Fuel Conditioner, Stabilizer and Octane Booster. 

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Chain Lube Link

Chain Lubricants

A range of Chain Lubes to suit all types of chain.

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Brake Fluids Link

Brake Fluids

Performance Hydraulic
Brake Fluids.

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Care Product Link

Care Products

From Cleaners, Polishes to rust inhibitors and coolants . 

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A range of clothing and product display items.

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Symbols Link


Description of Product Symbols used by Putoline. 

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